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My name is Abby. I am 28 years old and I am married to an awesome chef. I’m very new to this blog-writing-hobby-thing. I squeeze in blogging time whenever I possibly can. I have a very busy lifestyle as a working Mom as many others do. Blogging is nothing but fun for me. I anxiously look forward to any free time I have when I can sit down and write. To forewarn: I am not a journalist, I am not a literature major, I am not a writer. This is merely just a hobby for me… so please don’t judge my bad grammar or incorrect spelling!

This is me below. I’m sitting at the top of Crowder’s Mountain with my life… My amazing chef husband Kevin that inspired me to write this blog, and my beautiful daughter Zaylee.

Fifteen years ago, I met my husband. Kevin’s family moved to the Charlotte area from Kentucky when his father relocated jobs. As my bestie says… he was “the hot new kid” at school. We weren’t too close in middle school because yes… I’ll admit… I wasn’t as cool as he was. We were acquaintances. We always randomly saw each other at parties or with friends throughout the years but didn’t get to know each other until we reconnected in college. It was $1 pizza, $1 beer night at Carmella’s and we went with a big group of high school friends… so romantic.

After knowing each other for almost ten years, we fell in love. Gonna get real sappy for a minute so close your eyes if you are against it… Kevin has literally been by backbone throughout our entire marriage. I can honestly say that I’m not sure where I would be if I didn’t have him to pull me out of the terrible times I went through for a long time many years ago. I am a better person today because of him and I happily try my best, everyday, to be a better person for him. Zaylee and I are so blessed!

That’s probably the only time you’ll see me write about sappy stuff so milk itttt.

We were married in March of 2015 and as you can tell by the photo below, I was ecstatic.

After we got engaged, I knew it was time to get in shape for the wedding. I used to HATE working out. Like, I mean I despised it. I’ve never been the athletic one in the family. My sister made me give 9 Round Kickboxing a try. I LOVED it. It was an awesome workout in only 30 minutes and the refreshing, accomplished feeling after the work out was awesome. I even got my neighbor-bestie involved so I’d have some one to suffer with and she lost over 60 pounds! Once I was in the swing of things and working out on the regular, I decided to venture out on my own with weight training and have stuck with it ever since. While I may not know exactly what I’m doing when I lift, I am always learning and slowly gaining muscle. I now have baby biceps! I’ve been working on my fitness (like Fergie) which requires healthy meals and a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks to my amazing husband (yes I know I keep saying amazing, but it’s true) I like so many different kinds of food now. My blog is inspired mainly by him and the discovery of delicious food I have made within the time he has been a part of my life. You will read in my posts that I didn’t always like cauliflower, spinach, seafood or any healthy things like that. I mostly stuck to chicken tenders, steak, and grilled cheese. Potatoes and corn were considered my “vegetables”. Not going to lie… grilled cheese is still a once every-other-week meal because Zaylee and I are obsessed with it.

Once Kevin and I began dating, he started forcing me to try the things I would never think about eating. I always put up a fight… and still do… but 9 times out of 10 I end up loving whatever he makes me try. I would not be anywhere near a healthy eating lifestyle if it wasn’t for me trying to impress him on our previous first date ventures. That being said… I write this food blog with recipes that are his or variations of his recipes in a healthier fashion. I am an avid promoter of occasional indulgence so every recipe I blog about will not be healthy.

Basically… we love food in our household. Please follow this blog if you do too! My blog will include a bunch of healthy meals along with a few not so healthy meals because everyone deserves indulgence. I eat healthy 90% of the time but still do reward myself often. You will also read in my blog about my fitness progression along the way because it holds me accountable. I write of my collection of mouth-watering, amazing meals my husband has come up with and my own derivatives of healthy meals I have researched along the way. Enjoy… and THANK YOU for visiting!

One of Kevin’s masterpieces

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