Basil Mozzarella Turkey Burgers and Sweet Tater Fries

What’s for Dinner?? That is the question I get every day, the very moment I see my daughter for the first time after school! I asked her what she wanted for dinner tonight and usually the answer is Mac & Cheese or Grilled Cheese. Sadly, those are her absolute faves. To my surprise, her answer was TURKEY BURGERS tonight! I must be doing something semi right in the kitchen if my Zay likes my turkey burgers. 

This was a fairly simple meal. I wanted to do more of a tomato basil burger but I had to improvise because I only had one small tomato… I was out of tomato sauce… And diced tomatoes. We had a bottle of Harris Teeter Organic Smoky Tomato Vinaigrette so i used that instead. 



1.3 lbs ground turkey

1/3 cup low fat shredded mozzarella 

1/4 cup tomato vinaigrette 

2 cloves fresh minced garlic 

2 tbs fresh chopped basil

1 tsp salt

Mix all ingredients together in mixing bowl. Grill 8 minutes one side and 6 on the other (or until no longer pink in the middle). 

Garnish with baby spinach, sliced roma tomato and sliced onion.

yum yum

For the sweet taters:

2 sweet potatoes sliced thin for fries

2 tbs olive oil or coconut oil 

1 tsp Harissa 

1 tsp cayenne pepper (if you like spicy, add more!)

1 tbs garlic powder

1 tsp salt (add more to taste)

Preheat oven to 450. Mix sweet potatoes in a mixing bowl with olive oil first, then all spices to make sure they stick. Arrange in single layer on baking sheet (this is important if you want crispy fries). Bake 20 minutes, flipping halfway through. Enjoy!

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