Easy Baked Flounder

When I am making my grocery list, I always try to shop for at least two different types of fish to up the protein in my diet. Even just 3-4 ounces of white fish adds tons of protein to your diet and its fresh and delicious!

To be honest… (#tbh)… I wouldn’t have been saying that 2 years ago. I used to hate seafood. With a passion. When I started trying to incorporate seafood in my diet I started with a very mild fish. Kevin made me some amazing grilled Mahi Mahi and I loved it. I highly recommend seafood haters to start there. The consistency was that of a steak so I could cope with eating it! It does not taste “fishy” at all.

After about a year of eating only Mahi as my choice of seafood, I graduated to other simple white fishes such as Alaskan Cod and Flounder. Kevin cooked it perfectly fried… But that is not necessarily the healthiest meal.

Whenever I ask Kevin for tips on cooking fish, or how I should cook fish on any particular night, his response is… “Soak it in egg wash and pan fry it with breadcrumbs.” I finally had to remind him that as delicious as that is when he makes it, (recipe found here), I’ve tried it a million times and I always burn the fish.

On this particular evening he suggested baking it with Cajun seasonings then melt butter over it. I took his advice but made a few variations to make it a bit more healthy!

You will need:

1 lb of flounder (I buy mine already skinned so I don’t have to worry about doing that part… Yuck!)

1 tbs Cajun seasoning of your choice (I used Zataran’s Cajun Seasoning)

1 lemon

1 tbs unsalted butter

1 tbs coconut oil

Preheat oven to 425. Sprinkle Cajun seasoning evening over fish and zest about 1/4 of the lemon peel over the fish. Bake 8 minutes or until fish is white and flaky.

While fish is baking, melt butter and coconut oil together in a microwave safe bowl.

When fish is ready to serve, drizzle butter mixture over fish and squeeze a bit of lemon juice. Enjoy! πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹

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