Buzzfeed’s Clean Eating Challenge

Today is day 4 of this clean eating challenge I’m trying out from It has been extremely difficult… And it’s only day 4. I know, it’s sad. I feel proud of myself after only 3 days of doing this because I never 100% stick to anything when it comes to diet and exercise. It truly takes discipline. Thankfully the challenge allows a piece of dark chocolate or a homemade cocoa Popsicle each day and I somehow still stay within the macros I need for weight training! The little bit of sweet at the end of the day is just enough.

The challenge has some great recipes and I’ve been able try some new things. There are a few ingredients I absolutely do not like and do not eat so I substituted them with something similar and changed different meals around for different days.

I will admit it is a little frustrating to complete a clean eating diet like this because eating mostly healthy, unprocessed foods and only produce and meats is EXPENSIVE. Not only is it expensive… It’s extremely time consuming. Thankfully with Kevin having some extra vacation days I’ve been able to put him to work in the kitchen! I’m sure he loves it since it’s what he does for a living… But it has been a huge help in the prep for the challenge.

I have tried to alter the menu to fit our budget and it’s been working so far. It really is unfortunate that it has to be that way!

I will agree that the benefits of clean eating 100% of the time are truly amazing. I already feel better and notice a slight difference in the way I look. I highly reccomend the diet if you have some extra cash to spend on a two week diet 😉.

Find the link to the challenge here.

Today’s breakfast was a Chocolate Banana Smoothie. I added protein powder since I drank it post-workout and it was great. The original recipe for the smoothie can be found here. (Add 1.5 scoops of vanilla or chocolate protein powder for a post-workout meal!)

I know it’s pretty green. I promise it was delishhh.

Add almonds and a sprinkle of cocoa powder as a garnish.

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