Life Lately…


Not sure where to begin here….
To keep things mostly food and fitness related on this “healthy food blog” I’ll start with talking about hubbs’ new job! He is working for a local company as a corporate chef. He now has an amazing schedule so making dinner ends up being somewhat equal now since we have similar schedules! I’m not happy about it because to be honest, I’m lazy. I like coming home to the most delicious home cooked meal, with a perfectly clean house, and the child quietly doing homework on her desk. That’s a hilarious scenario to me because I’d be lucky if just one of those three scenarios was completed. (If my husband is reading this: know that I appreciate you more than anything in the world even if you don’t do all three every day!!!). Anyways… I am constantly looking for yummy recipes to make and I’d like to get back to blogging and continue to share recipes I find and make on this blog. Many times I do vary the recipes and will provide my variations to the best of my knowledge!

Summer is right around the corner… And I’m scared. I don’t want to be in a bikini any time soon. Healthy eating has been very difficult for me lately as I am a stress eater. Anyone else who is raise you hand. It’s not easy to have this quality. The last few months have been so nuts for me and my body was really struggling with how to cope! First, not eating was the answer to me because I was so sick to my stomach. That did not last very long because I FREAKING LOVE FOOD which then resulted in gaining back the few pounds I lost from my stress-fast and more. Working out was a laughing matter. I didn’t have the time, the strength, or the motivation. Those are all very much excuses… And I can’t stand when people make excuses for not having time to work out. Basically I just did not want to do it. 

A couple weeks ago I started trying again and am hoping to stick to it. This blog holds me somewhat accountable and that is why I wanted to write again. I miss it! I’m glad to be back, and I hope there are some people out there that are glad too!

I will also be adding a section on the blog of the different restaurants we try around town and while on vacation. We always are searching out great meals and recommendations and for people who live in the Charlotte area, we hope we can help you out! 

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