21 days of fixin’

My first 21 Day Fix Meal!

That’s how people down here in the Carolinas might say it… But what I really mean is that I started Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix. 

Now let’s just break the ice here and talk about portion control. What in the actual f… I mean, Hell? Only 16 oz of protein is allotted for my calorie goal and 2 cups of fruit? Since when is fruit bad for me? I always thought I could eat my 2 bananas and pint of strawberries per day. Felt so fresh and so healthy and definitely not like an Outkast. Apparently this is not okay. I was eating WAY too much fruit and I thank Autumn for helping me realize this!! I also thought I was supposed to stuff my face with AMPAP (as much protein as possible) when I was working out. This portion control thing has been a game changer for me and really making me realize what I was eating too much of, and what I needed to eat more of. 

21 Day Fix Dinner, 1 green, 1 yellow, 1 red

Controlling the amout of carbs consumed has been difficult for me. I began cutting WAY down on carbs a couple weeks before I began the diet so it wouldn’t be as hard. I just crave them, as most of us do I’m sure. I really like how in the diet that although it’s not much, I can still eat carbs, in moderation, and as long as it’s healthy carbs. 

The best advice I can give someone that is interested in starting 21 Day Fix is to make your meal plans ahead of time. If you have those plans to refer back to, and if you stick to them, you’ll be okay. It takes a little time to prep each week but it’s worth it. I’m almost halfway through…. And pretty proud of myself for reallt trying to stick with it. Updates to come!

21 DF baked chicken, balsamic dressing, goat cheese, and almonds salad. SO GOOD. 2 green, 1 red, 1 blue, 1 orange

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